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Image of dark night with full moon and sexy man with blood on his hands. #RedcliffeNovels by Paranormal Author Catherine Green.

New Release

Heart of the Vampire
(A Redcliffe Novel)

Step into the bewitching world of The Redcliffe Novels as Catherine Green presents Heart of the Vampire, the captivating fifth book in the series. Prepare to be enchanted as Jessica Stone's journey takes a thrilling turn amidst the backdrop of Halloween in the mystical town of Redcliffe, Cornwall.

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Image of man and woman silhouette standing close together, with ghost image of wolf and tiger in the background. Book cover for "Heart of the Vampire (A Redcliffe Novel)" by Catherine Green.

 For me this was a holiday read that drew me along with the question of how this girl was gonna handle so much desire in her own being and so many possibilities in her new world. It was great to see her letting go with more than one partner. Others, male and female, ping on the radar for later consumption. This is a well paced read which created a lot of erotic tension that could (for me) have had more detailed sensual release. Onwards to the sequel!

Praise & Reviews

Having read all of Catherine's other books I was eagerly awaiting today's release of her latest work. I was not to be disappointed. An exciting series of short stories. A must read for current and future fans of Catherine's books.

"I was not to be disappointed. An exciting series of short stories."

Amazon Customer for

My Vampire Boyfriend (The Redcliffe Novels)

Green blends romantic tropes with the fundamental truth that love doesn’t make everyone a saint in real life to create a vampire protagonist who realistically craves the company of some humans without experiencing any qualms at draining others. While this novel is part of Green’s The Redcliffe Series, it barely refers to events from other books and never in a way that requires knowledge of them to understand plot or character action; as such, it functions well as a stand-alone novel and is unlikely to spoil any surprises in other books.

"Skilled Blend of Sympathy and Otherness"

Dave Higgins from

Vine Voice on

Vampire of Blackpool

Logo for British Paranormal Author Catherine Green featuring red lips with vampire fangs on a blue background.

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