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Vampire Hunter Novels

Return of the Vampire Hunter

Return of the Vampire Hunter by Catherine Green is a thrilling urban fantasy novel that blends darkness and seduction against the backdrop of Manchester, Northern England. Meet Hannah Oakley, your average Cheshire housewife with an extraordinary past as a vampire hunter. Having retired from her dangerous profession after falling in love with a female vampire she was hunting, Hannah thought her days of battling the undead were over. However, her past catches up with her when her former lover resurfaces, reigniting old wounds and desires.

Reluctantly stepping back into the world she left behind, Hannah teams up with a new hunting partner, determined to finish what she started. But can she resist the allure of her vampire lover? Will her maternal responsibilities clash with her role as a vampire hunter? And amidst the chaos, will her marriage survive the trials that lie ahead?

Return of the Vampire Hunter is a pure urban fantasy with a seductive twist, evoking the allure of classic Gothic monsters while delivering a contemporary tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Catherine Green weaves a thrilling narrative filled with suspense, forbidden desires, and the struggle to balance love, duty, and personal demons. Prepare to be captivated by this enthralling story that blends the supernatural with the everyday, and lose yourself in the shadows of Manchester's dark streets.

Image of two women in an intimate pose, one woman is a vampire with blood on her face and the other woman is a vampire hunter holding a knife to the vampire’s chest, drawing blood. Book cover for Return of the Vampire Hunter by Catherine Green.

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Vampire of Blackpool

Step into the eerie world of Blackpool, the once-vibrant Victorian jewel of Northern England, where darkness lurks beneath the surface. In "Vampire of Blackpool" by Catherine Green, prepare to be entangled in a contemporary Gothic adventure that pits a vampire, a witch, and a hunter against each other in a battle for power and survival.


Meredith Hanson, the enigmatic recluse, walks among the unsuspecting tourists of Blackpool, hiding her true nature as a bloodthirsty vampire. With an insatiable appetite, she feeds without remorse, her existence devoid of purpose. But when a chance encounter leads her to the young witch, Samantha Morris, Meredith's cold facade begins to crumble. Drawn to Samantha's allure, she stumbles into a precarious relationship with the girl, their connection deeper than either could have anticipated.


As the shadows thicken over Blackpool, a formidable vampire hunter arrives on the scene. With unwavering determination and a heart fueled by justice, he sets his sights on the ancient vampire rumored to haunt the town. His mission: to obliterate Meredith and safeguard innocent lives from her dark influence. But in the twisted dance between predator and prey, the boundaries blur, and the hunter may find himself ensnared by the seductive powers of the experienced vampire.


In this atmospheric tale of forbidden desires and supernatural intrigue, the secrets of Blackpool's past intertwine with the present, and the struggle for dominance reaches its climax. Will the vampire hunter succeed in his mission, or will Meredith, the mistress of shadows, be the catalyst for his downfall? Enter the world of "Vampire of Blackpool" and immerse yourself in a heart-pounding journey through the mystical underbelly of Northern England.

Image of a female vampire facing a vampire hunter man who has his back to the viewer and is holding a knife behind his back. You can see Blackpool Tower and Blackpool Illuminations in the foreground. Book cover for Vampire of Blackpool by Catherine Green.

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